"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."
- John Bunyan

The Gypsy

Wow, first of all, I want to thank all you Briya fans for your patience. The past few months have presented a wide range of unexpected twists and turns that I suppose are inherent in starting any new business. And although I am always up for an adventure, when you have a destination in mind, sometimes you really just want to get there. (Briya’s ‘destination’ being- supplies and resources in the hands of children so that they can truly thrive, regardless of their circumstances.)

This has been the fuel that has kept me focused and determined ‘to arrive’… and very impatient and frustrated. In all of my planning and strategizing, I forgot to factor in that I would have to build the necessary vehicle to get us there from scratch- The actual Briya Bag.

So, after a naïve (but amazing) attempt to return from Colombia with the bags in tow, I realized that I had to rethink my strategy a bit…and learn the ins and outs of the fashion/design industry (which, I assure you, was unchartered territory and much more challenging that I would have ever imagined).

Thanks to the amazing patience, creativity and outstanding work of Irma Reyes (Mission Wear) and Jessica Montoya (CoSewn), we have our bag- the Gypsy!

Made locally (in Colorado), the Gypsy will be our signature bag that we believe will offer a fun, stylish and comfortable way to arrive to your destination, whether that means a trek across the globe or a trip to your neighborhood store.

So, vehicle in place, we are even more excited to announce that we have found the organization that will receive the first round of school supplies that your purchase of the Gypsy will provide.

We proudly introduce to you our new partner, the Marshall Direct Fun. We could not be more excited about this partnership and will be providing you with more details about the Marshall Direct Fund and their amazing work.

We so appreciate your patience and commitment to empowering children across the globe. We will of course let you know when and how you can purchase your first Briya Bag just as soon as they are available.

Shine on!

Your purchase of a Briya bag helps provide education and training to empower women and children across the globe

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